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    Welcome, we hope you stay a while to look over the new America Sailing Club formerly Florida Sailing Charter Club.  We have changed the name to enhance the areas we serve to benefit our members.  From the Southeast, Gulf Coast, and up the East Coast we are building a club that will benefit all levels of experienced sailors. The Florida Sailing Charter Club and America Sailing Club allows members to charter sailboats from 22 to 55 feet monohulls and catamarans by the day or longer, at affordable rates.

Find a sailboat, fill out the application and join a sailing club that will give you many locations to explore. The desire is to grow “your club” into meeting your needs of a sailor who wants the pleasure of some of the “More Seasoned” Sailboats.

    The America Sailing Club is proud to announce a new sailboat to our growing fleet. The Kennex Catamaran 38’ of great sailing.  It will be a travel sailboat and can possibly be available in many ports and areas.  We will post the schedule and locations and travel times.  One trip will be in a few weeks from Panama City, Fl.  It is a male only trip and will have potential for 5 sailors and last 3-5 days to Ft. Myers. Call for the schedule and times.

    The Gemini is also a catamaran located near Clearwater and it is great for a few days to a week.  Check it’s availability on our reservations system.

    Just beginning.  We have you covered with instruction from beginner to advanced with qualified instruction in many of our boat locations.  This instruction will allow you to learn  on the sailboat you will enjoy chartering over and over again and then you can choose other areas to sail in.

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Why consider electric propulsion in your sailboat; well it’s all about electric torgue, yes that power when you use a drill or electric screwdriver to make something move.  All we will be doing is making it silent and pollution free on our waters. Read and see videos about power unlike a diesel or gas engine, and using free energy to regenerate as a cruising sailboat.  What more do we, as sailors, want that to leave the dock under our own power silently then breathe like never before and need to use little or no fossil fuels.Then see what America Sailing Club is working on providing in our fleet.ASCES-Torgue.htmlASCES-Torgue.htmlASCES-Torgue.htmlASCES-Torgue.htmlASCES-Torgue.htmlASCES-Hyrids.htmlASCES-Hyrids.htmlASCES-Hyrids.htmlASCES-Hyrids.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7shapeimage_5_link_8

Be a Club Angel Investor Today

    Yes the America Sailing Cub is going electric. We are looking for investors that should expect ROI and repayment within two years plus having the benefits of sailing a “state of the art” Sailing Electric Catamaran. 

    We have acquired a 38’ Kennex 380 for retrofit. it will be owned by the Club and all charter proceeds will be reinvested in the technology with experience. The America Sailing Club will have available to all investors a show sailboat and credits toward use with repayment for the loan in full within 24 months but the ROI will be for use. If actual interest is desired over credits then please feel free to discuss.  We are going GREEN and will be sailing the coasts telling the world how an seasoned sailboat can turn electric.

    There is much more information about the actual conversion one this site and feel free to call for additional details. Read about the conversion. The Kennex is available now for charter and has been moved from: Mobile, AL to Pensacola, Fl

Will be moved in the next few weeks to Pine Island, FL

    The sailing trip from Pensacola-Ft Myers,FL is available for charter.  We will be sailing along the coast to Panama City FL with a few stops so this trip can have multiple takers.

   The sailing trip from Clearwater-Ft. Myers Beach is available for charter. These trips will be with other sailors and a club experience.