Florida Sailing, America Sailing & Diving Club, Key Lime Sailing Club, & Solutions4Hybrids have joined forces. We are bringing, to the Florida Sailing and Cruising areas, a unique club...  using Electric Propulsion and “Green Technologies” as our main theme. With your membership you will enjoy sailing quietly, with little or no carbon footprint. JOIN US TODAY!


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Join the America Sailing & Diving Club today for experiences in travel, sailing, diving, beautiful sunsets, good food and building relationships.  We specialize in sailing for fun and adventure.  The flagship sailboat was converted to an Electric Catamaran in 2011 and travels throughout the coastlines of Florida specializing in the  Florida Keys Cruising Areas.  In Florida you can even learn basic or advanced sailing through the Key Lime Sailing Club. 

Discover the benefits of electric propulsion while sailing and diving The Beautiful Florida Keys. 

Another aspect to the club is all about scuba diving.  We are discovering that many divers are becoming sailors as well, and that many sailors are discovering that a “no wind” day means it’s time to go diving. As the membership grows you will see specialized trips planned for both sailing and diving making the social aspects of the club well worth your investment of $150 annually. Look for discount coupons for memberships and sailing adventures.  We are changing the way people look at both sailing and diving becoming our focus for the future of the club.

Solutions4US, Inc. DBA America Sailing and Diving Club formerly Florida Sailing Charter Club

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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths

we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

America Sailing & Diving Club is expanding horizons. We have two new associate organizations in the works.  Widows Walk 4Women is the beginning of bringing women, who have had losses, a new opportunity to enjoy a future of adventures that will bring life after their sorrows.

Look over the Memorials of the people we have loved and lost.  Come aboard for your next heart filled service and have a memory that will keep your future living.

Membership benefits allow discounts at the Key Lime Sailing Club.  22’ Catalina Sailboats in The Florida Keys await the new sailor or seasoned sailor to Florida Bay Sailing in the Mangro waters.  The club has small quaint cottages and lots of atmosphere while only an hour from Miami.  Also available are dive and sail packages, sunset cruises. 

And of coarse our GeniGreen Electric 38’ catamaran is being setup for 4-5 night sailing and diving cruises throughout the Florida Keys with stops and anchorages showing you the keys from “Land & Se” like you have never seen before.


Electric Propulsion

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Join Runkeeper today free.  Then search for Jay Hafner and the GeniGreen and other Walk, Cycle, Dive, Travel and Sailing adventures you will find in locations with pictures. Join us and become a healthy member that wants to live life to the fullest.

America Sailing & Diving Club supports couch surfers on a limited basis. We have and will have supporting boats that can be used to surf one or to nights with the option of sailing, snorkeling, diving and certifications with additional charges.  We are a club and membership has privileges and discounts.