A Different Way To Sail/Work/Play on GeniGreen ELECTRIC


The Workaway Goals are simple provide travelers with a place to sleep in exchange for knowledge, experiences, adventures, sweat and memories. You can look at my main WorkAway Profile and begin to consider how you may enjoy your experiences.


Yes it's a sailing Catamaran, where I live and I have plenty of work to do. It's a boat that is used in many venue to teach, and live aboard in three cabins and a trampoline to sleep on for those who wish the stars. I have been sailing for many years and have found a place, on my boat, to call home. There is always work and training to pass on about living on a boat. You will be amazed at the stories, as I will be also.

I go to sleep early and rise early as most boaters do. The heat of the day is for swimming, snorkeling and touring as this is my life. You may have many adventures in my area, to explore, and to have a great deal of fun. Work hard play hard is my motto. Once you meet me you may think you have met possibly Huck Finn...With a Tom Sawyer Flare bring apples.. You decide!

VENUE CHANGE: Orlando and Kennedy Space Center, there I will reside and continue my workaway experiences. Most things will not change in responsibilities unless your take on the Hosting Mentor Program Below.

HOSTING MENTOR AND VETTING; I am starting a mentoring program, for my benefit, to become a host with me for my venue of people who visit through many venues, American Sailing Club, and much more. It will entail you making a 30 day minimum commitment. It will be to learn, share, and develop skills while being housed, and some food, bicycle and kayaks provided. Also working with area for some passes to fun things so that the area will be your oyster.

Cleaning, bed changes, making people smile and learning a little about hospitality will be the goal. More important is what you will learn. expect time off like always as my theme is still work hard/play hard.

There are always people who have difficulty taking on new challenges and if you are one then please continue your search. IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD KEEP LOOKING!!!!

Volunteer Plan APRIL-MAY-JUNE: You will work 8 hour days! if you stay six to seven nights expect to work three (3) 8 hour days and three (3) days off. If you choose this opportunity you will be limited to working on the boat and touring the area.

Volunteer Plan JULY: You will be here for a 30 Day period working 8 hour (3) days and off (3) days with lots to do locally. Additionally we will be doing sailing in the local Area for a min of 4 Days in the Month.

Volunteer Plan AUGUST: You will work 8 hour days! if you stay six to seven nights expect to work three (3) 8 hour days and three (3) days off. If you choose this opportunity you will be limited to working on the boat and touring the area.

Volunteer Plan SEPT-NOVEMBER: You will be here for a 30 Day period working 8 hour (3) days and off (3) days with lots to do locally. Additionally we will be doing sailing in the local Area for a min of 4 Days in the Month. This also will include the Host Mentor Program.

December2017-March2018 TBD .


1. Cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, stainless as well as white top outside sunlight work Also inside work thoughout as it does rain sometimes...lol

2. Deep cleaning crevices, multiple inside jobs all cleaning related

3. Wood Projects, building projects, organizing storage.

4. You must have the attitude to work hard/play hard limited work time-frame for lots of learning and touring.

5. Many projects that require labor, brains, technologies, electricians needed

6. Scrubbing boat from water up, polishing and buffing. Sometimes fiberglass work sanding and painting.

REFERENCES: If you have no references but other venues I will consider these. If you have written a reference but your host did not reply then I cannot help you. If they wrote a reference for you and you did not reply you should do this before contacting me. I am going from an introduction based to only reference based so prepare for this and get references if only from friends you have worked with and include them in your emails.

Available Accomidations.Sailing Catamaran with three staterooms with full size double mattresses for (2). I only make available one room for workaway unless a special project requires more. Your luggage you will sleep with you as there is limited space.

I have other paying guests, through other venues, all the time so my space most of the time is limited to one workaway in high season.

I offer no food!!! We do have, on many occasions, a community food meal where you have the option to pitch in. There is plenty of refrigerator space grocery stores nearby and I always seem to have some extra food that needs to be eaten at times.

It is a sleep/work and play/tour program. I will not work you everyday back to back without a good day or two of play every third day. Keep in mind I may ask you to extend your stay and offer your a longer time. It will be because I am impressed with your work ethic and personality.

For the most part I only make available one bed for workaway. I am however in special times will make other beds available as I have larger work plans.

I have a Head and shower on-board (to be used at sea). I have a full galley with wonderful opportunity to try new foods and preparation, electric grill, or charcoal on the dock picnic area. Wait till you see a Space Launch at NASA from just the Bridge a block away.

Seafood is plentiful with local lobster, crab claws, and many other varieties a couple blocks away. TV, Stereo, and a Ninja Smoothie Mixer (oh yea).

You may be the only workaway I have or there may be a group times of year and availability of skilled labor determines this.

The best way we can see compatibility in work/play environment is to put a limit and possibly a testing time. I will be saving you a lot of money and you will be helping me with my boat. I am going to begin by offering 7 days of work/play for max/min 6 nights of housing. Everyday you will have playtime lots of it (we usually break for lunch and swim and break off after 8 hours total work), be able to travel up and down the Florida Coastline and also simple sailing with classes (4-6 Hour) on your free days(monthly Program read above), kayaking (2 blow up), etc.

Example: This would be (3) 8 hour days of work/3-days of play for 6 nights of housing.

Food: I provide housing and touring in Florida. I am not a restaurant or hotel so I do not provide food. There will be some appreciative community meals, and I will ask you to support in the food budget if needed. If you choose to feed yourself then you will have a place to keep food, and lots of nice restaurants close by. I also go shopping for bulk food and if you contribute I will purchase to help you out.

I live real close to the community that provides great walking, running, bicycling paths. The bus system is great and rental cars can be used to get most anywhere. Lots of tourism but great local flavor and day or two day tours.

Imessage, cell, or Whats app, 1-305.619.0201 are all ways I communicate with great local wifi. Buying a local sim card is easy ask me what i have discovered.

Additionally there are some special sailing trips and adventures that we can discuss. You are getting the best of all worlds. If you mention KEYWORD: "AUNT POLY" in the email to me I will know you have read my profile and will give more serious consideration. Plan on having a great time of work/play and discovering a boaters world.

Last note; I realize when you have no references you may consider workaway a cheap way to have a vacation. Remember we are a program design to benefit both parties. Come prepared to take on the task and plan a work/play lifestyle that may actually take over the rest of your life!!!

Women PLEASE READ: I am going to add a short note based on a recent input. I am a man who is older and to some old enough to be your father.

I am recently Married, and my wife is adorable. I am loving, demonstrative, caring and a good friend to many thus the reason for my reviews. Sometimes I find women who do not want to ever be touched or hugged, and friendly conversation about life and events makes you feel uncomfortable. I have no ulterior motives when, I am myself, a friendly guy who just happens to think women are wonderful and should be treated with respect. However if you are a person who is overly sensitive or has had a bad experience with a man then I would ask you consider another venue where more women are present and you may feel more comfortable.