A Different Way To Sail/Work/Play on GeniGreen ELECTRIC


What's Going On Today with GeniGreen

Many recent repairs and replacements have found there way to GeniGreen Electric. With the windless now fixed and the Rocna 20KG anchor installed the anchor drag days are over.  

Then the broken clutches,cars and the new Main Sail with other repairs have made her ready for a vopyage to Cuba this year.

Other additions are the trampoline, New larger Sailbag, Canvas on windows,

Electric system upgrades; AC240V 7.5KW Genset great system from Mastry, New Motor Controllers State of the art, new Overdrive Battery Pack 144V DC and 12V DC systems, 3000W 12V Inverter to 110V AC, Dual Youney system 144V DC smart chargers, upgrades on Homewood 4.5 KW motors.

So keep looking at the updates and maybe you may join us for a year of adventure in 2017-2018.

Airbnb and Workaway have made these additions and repairs possible and the reviews in both prove that it is indeed a win-win.

The Workaway Goals are listed on the pages under GeniGreen Projects giving you the list of items that are in many different stages of completion.  Additionally you can go to Gallery and see the many projects and people who have made it all possible.  Join us today either by support, or action and look forward to many more years of success.