A Different Way To Sail/Work/Play on GeniGreen ELECTRIC


Tour Guide 4 Florida

When you come to Florida you will discover a vast amount of activities available.  Whether you are looking for excitment and never ending excitment or the laid back and calm you will find it.  I am in the Florida Key's but have traveled and enjoyed my state and this will be just a few highlights I have experienced and you may enjoy also.

Come join me on GeniGreen, as a place to lay your head at night, and see the waterways of the islands of Marathon.

It all starts from my experiences in the Key's where you can spend a few days to a month and never run out of fun things to do.


Enjoy the benefits of membership.  I have Annual Passes to the following.

Dolphin Research Center

Turtle Hospital

Crane Point & Museum

Florida State Parks

I use runkeeper daily for Walking, Sailing, Traveling and much more.  It is an amazing way to track your activities while exercising or traveling over the world.  Join and become my friend today while I use the Apple Watch and my Iphone to record lifes many pleasures.


What's Going On Today with GeniGreen

Many recent repairs and replacements have found there way to GeniGreen Electric. With the windless now fixed and the Rocna 20KG anchor installed the anchor drag days are over.  

Then the broken clutches,cars and the new Main Sail with other repairs have made her ready for a vopyage to Cuba this year.

Other additions are the trampoline, Sailbag, Canvas on windows,

So keep looking at the updates and maybe you may join us for a year of adventure.

Airbnb and Workaway have made these additions and repairs possible and the reviews in both prove that it is indeed a win-win.